Lean Blog Interviews — 247: James Chisholm, ExperiencePoint and Leading Change

My guest for episode #247 is James Chisholm, a principal and co-founder of the Toronto-based ExperiencePoint. James is a pioneer in the design of online game-based learning, and has authored numerous leadership simulations in use by over 100,000 executives and managers worldwide. I fell in love with their “Lakeview” hospital change management simulation a few years back when I first got to try it and I’ve been very happy to learn from James and to partner with ExperiencePoint. James speaks and writes widely on the subject of games, learning and change. He co-authored chapters in the “Handbook of Experiential Learning” and in the Center for Creative Leadership’s Fieldbook, “Experience-Driven Leader Development: Strategies, Tools, and Practices” (both published by Pfieffer). Read his full bio: (PDF). In this episode, we discuss topics including why change management is such an important issue for him and organizations, the role of simulations and experience-based learning, how “leadership is a process,” and how “change is synonymous with leadership.”