Lean Blog Interviews — 251: Jim Huntzinger & Russ Scaffede on Lean Leadership

Episode #251 is a bit different in that it’s audio shared by the good folks at Lean Frontiers. They recently hosted a webinar where Jim Huntzinger, founder and president of Lean Frontiers asked questions that answered by Russ Scaffede about Lean leadership. See their other webinars here. Russ has a lot of great wisdom and experience to share, so I asked Jim if I could share it here. Russ is a big part of the upcoming event – The Summit on Lean Leadership, which is being produced by Lean Frontiers. It’s being held June 21-22 in Charlotte. You can save 25% off that event by using the discount code leanblog. I should also mention that I’m going to be a keynote speaker at their upcoming Lean Accounting Summit in San Antonio this August. In this discussion, Russ shares a lot of gems not just about how Toyota does things (as he learned in his time there), but also some key insights about transforming an organization that is NOT Toyota (as he learned from his experience at Tiara Yachts and other companies).