Lean Blog Interviews — 255: Mark DeLuzio, “Turn Waste Into Wealth” With Lean

My guest for episode #255 is Mark DeLuzio, author of the recently-released book Turn Waste into Wealth: How to Find Cash in Every Corner of the Company. It’s Mark’s first book, but he’s been well known in the Lean community for a long time. Mark started learning and practicing Lean in 1988 when he worked for Jake Brake, a Danaher company (and Danaher has long been considered a great Lean company). As his bio says, “After studying TPS under Taiichi Ohno’s influential Autonomous Study Group, he was instrumental in developing Jake’s first zero-defect line for Toyota’s Hino Motors. He has spent considerable time in Japan implementing TPS at various world-class companies and has had a successful career in finance.” In 2007, Mark was inducted into the Shingo Academy for his contribution to the Lean movement. He is also CEO of the consulting firm Lean Horizons. hixgdxw5