Lean Blog Interviews — 257: Tania Lyon, #Lean at St. Clair Hospital & KaiNexus

My guest for episode #257 is somebody I’ve known for a while in the Lean healthcare community, Tania Lyon. She’s the Director of Organizational Performance Improvement at St. Clair Hospital in Pittsburgh. She has a PhD in sociology (like Jeff Liker, author of the Toyota Way book series) and she initially got involved with Lean through PRHI, a common connection to previous podcast guests Paul O’Neill and Naida Grunden. St. Clair is a KaiNexus customer and Tania has played a major role in their rollout of our software to support their ongoing spread of continuous improvement. Regular readers of the blog know my part time role with KaiNexus, as the VP of Improvement and Innovation Services. We initially recorded this to be a podcast and blog posts for our customers, but I thought this was a conversation that would be of interest to a wider audience, as we’re talking mainly about Lean and improvement strategies, with a little bit of KaiNexus talk thrown in.