Lean Blog Interviews — 258: Jim Huntzinger on Deflation, Lean Management & Lean Accounting

Joining me for Episode #258 is a many times returning guest, Jim Huntzinger, the President and Founder of Lean Frontiers (check out Episodes 8, 15, 33, 196, and 251, his with Russ Scaffede). Jim has written two eBooks, The Roots of Lean: Training Within Industry: The Origin of Japanese Management & Kaizen and Deflation: The Road to Prosperity. We’ll talk about that second book and topic in the podcast today. We’re also going to talk about Lean Accounting and Lean Management, the related topics at the upcoming Summits in San Antonio later this month. I hope you can join us, as I’ll be giving a talk on “Practicing Lean” to kick off the event and I’ll be around that whole day. Lean Frontiers produces many great events and I hope you can check one out some time.