Lean Blog Interviews — 263: Pascal Dennis, “Andy & Me and the Hospital”

My guest for Episode #263 is another returning guest, Pascal Dennis (@AuthorPascal on Twitter). He was previously a guest on Episodes #96 and #239, talking about two of his previous books (see a full list here). Today, we’re talking about his most recent book, a business novel called Andy & Me and the Hospital: Further Adventures on the Lean Journey. I don’t normally read much fiction, and I generally don’t read business novels, but I really enjoyed this book and tore through it in a few days. It was really compelling and many of the scenarios felt quite familiar. I think this is a helpful book for painting a picture of what it could feel like to start a Lean journey in healthcare. The book is, of course, a sequel to his earlier book Andy & Me, Second Edition: Crisis & Transformation on the Lean Journey.