Lean Blog Interviews — 268: Tom Ehrenfeld, #Lean Books & Lean Startup

My guest for Episode #268 is a long-time friend of mine in the Lean community and Lean Enterprise Institute circles, Tom Ehrenfeld (@tomehrenfeld). Tom is a writer and editor living in Cambridge, MA. A former writer/editor with Inc. Magazine and Harvard Business Review, he is the author of The Startup Garden: How Growing A Business Grows You. He works as a consulting editor for LEI and with many other Lean authors. He’s a regular contributor to LEI’s “The Lean Post.” Eight of his edited books have won the Shingo Research Award. Today, we talk about some of the books he’s played a role with, we’ll talk about the evolution of the understanding of Lean, and his thoughts on shifting from his experience covering startups to thinking about “The Lean Startup” methodology in more recent years.