Lean Blog Interviews — 282: Dr. Lisa Yerian & Nate Hurle from The Cleveland Clinic

My guests for Episode #282 of the podcast are two continuous improvement leaders from Cleveland Clinic: Dr. Lisa Yerian and Nate Hurle. Lisa is the Medical Director, Continuous Improvement and Nate is the Senior Director, Continuous Improvement.She’s a doctor, he’s an engineer, and they work together very closely in their efforts to help drive improvement at the Clinic. You can find them on Twitter as @LisaYerianMD and @NateHurle. In today’s episode, we talk about topics including the Cleveland Clinic Improvement Model (see my previous posts on this), how their program is structured, what a “culture of continuous improvement” means to them and their staff, how to get others to accept Lean and C.I. methods, and some of the challenges they are facing in their work.