Lean Blog Interviews — 287: Harry Kenworthy, “Lean Government NOW!”

Joining me today for Episode #287 is another returning guest (see Episode #198), Harry Kenworthy. We’re talking about his book, which will be released on Friday, Lean Government NOW! : Increase Service, Capacity and Employee Engagement While Reducing Costs and Wastes. The book is now available for pre-sale on Amazon at $19.95 (until September 7, 2017, at a $5.00 discount from list price). Harry was also a contributor to the book Practicing Lean, which is now available in audiobook format. I’ve been involved with some “government healthcare” organizations in different countries, but have never delved into other parts of government. I’m glad Harry is doing so! This seems like a big challenge, but an important and necessary one. We’re seeing some examples of success with Lean at the local and state levels around the U.S., it seems. I hope we see more. I hope you enjoy our discussion whether you work in government or vote, pay taxes, or use government services (or all of the above!!). I’m including a four-page PDF summary, as I’ve been doing recently.