Lean Blog Interviews — 290: Eric Ries on “The Startup Way”

@EricRies: From #LeanStartup to “The Startup Way” Joining me again for episode 290 is a three-time guest, Eric Ries. When we first talked, in episode 115 six years ago, his New York Times bestselling book The Lean Startup was being published. In 2012, we discussed the impact of Toyota’s Taiichi Ohno on his work, in episode 142. This time, we’re talking about his new book, The Startup Way. In this episode, Eric talks about how “Lean Startup” concepts came from “Lean” and the Toyota Production System and how Toyota then approached him about applying Lean Startup concepts in the development of a new in-dash electronics system. In recent years, GE and other large companies, in their efforts to be more innovative and entrepreneurial, have adapted these approaches into what Eric calls “The Startup Way.” Will modern companies embrace a formal “entrepreneurship” function as they earlier embraced finance and marketing? We’ll discuss that and more. Below, you’ll find the full audio podcast, a 7-page PDF summary, and a complete transcript. The Startup Way is set for release tomorrow, October 17. Learn more at www.TheStartupWay.co. I had a chance to read the book in advance and enjoyed it very much. I hope you’ll also join me at Lean Startup Week, where I’ll be a speaker and session facilitator.