Lean Blog Interviews — 291: Jeff Roussel on the Current #Lean (and P.I.) Landscape

My guest for Episode 291 is my friend and colleague, Jeff Roussel (@jeff_roussel on Twitter). Jeff is the VP of Sales at KaiNexus, a technology company that I have been involved with for over six years. As Jeff will humbly explain in the podcast, he joined our team almost four years ago as an experienced sales leader, not as an expert in Lean or process improvement. But, he’s a voracious learner and he probably talks to more organizations about their process improvement efforts – what their aims are and what they’re struggling with – than anybody I know. Our main theme for the podcast today is not technology. Our topics include what Jeff is hearing from organizations and trends he hears about. I hope you’ll enjoy our conversation, as I did. I hope you’ll also join us on Thursday as Jeff presents a free webinar hosted by me and KaiNexus: The Why, How and What of Continuous Improvement