Lean Blog Interviews — 307: Andre DeMerchant, “You Can’t Cut Your Way to Success”

Joining me for Episode #307 of the podcast is my friend Andre DeMerchant, the President of DeMerchant Healthcare Solutions Inc., based in Kitchener, Ontario. We first crossed paths when we had the chance to work together with an American healthcare client via our then-affiliation with Pascal Dennis and Lean Pathways.  In today’s episode, we talk about Andre’s history working for Toyota in Canada and what he learned there — and why it’s important that he learned about “how flow works” at Toyota. We chat about the terms “Lean” and “The Toyota Production System” and what those words mean to him. How does TPS “transcend culture and language,” as well as industries? We then shift to talking about healthcare and some of the common challenges, including “financial hardships,” that are faced in many countries. Why are hospitals “poorly prepared for change” in many cases? Another main theme is “cost cutting” and why you can’t cut your way to success.