Lean Blog Interviews — 346: Mark Ryan, Transformation, Kaizen, and Management at Franciscan St. Francis Health




Joining me for Episode 346 of the podcast is Mark Ryan, a Transformation Coach and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt at Franciscan Health.


Mark will be one of the hosts and facilitators at our upcoming “Kaizen Live!” site visit event at Franciscan St. Francis Health in Indianapolis. Only two spots remain, so register today if you’d like to join us.


As we talk about in the episode, Franciscan does much more than daily Kaizen. They’ve built upon that foundation of staff engagement to add other Lean practices — under the banner of what they call “Managing for Daily Improvement,” or MDI. They use “strategy deployment” and other methods to align the organization in their goals and improvement efforts.


I hope you enjoy the discussion, whether you are joining us in Indianapolis or not.