Lean Blog Interviews — 348: Cinnamon Dixon, Tiered Huddles at Cleveland Clinic



Our guest today for Episode 348 is Cinnamon Dixon, Director Of Continuous Improvement at Cleveland Clinic. I interviewed her for the KaiNexus Continuous Improvement Podcast series and I’m cross posting that interview here to give it more exposure.


Our KaiNexus team members who were at the Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit in June were really impressed with Cinnamon’s presentation on their “tiered huddle” process that’s part of their Lean methodology. So, we asked her to do the podcast.


You can a full transcript via the KaiNexus blog.


I recently had a chance to visit Cleveland Clinic and I spent the morning observing their tiered huddles, so I’ll be writing a blog post about that soon. Thanks to Cinnamon and Cleveland Clinic for being so willing to share!