Lean Blog Interviews — 355: An Engineer, an Architect, and a Nurse on Healthcare Improvement



So, an engineer, an architect, and a nurse walk into a hospital… no, that’s not a setup for the punchline to a joke.


Today, in episode #355 of the podcast, I’m sharing three short conversations with three people who have very different backgrounds, but they still all ended up working to improve healthcare.


We have a Toyota-trained engineer (Isaac Mitchell), who transitioned (like me) from manufacturing to healthcare.


We are also joined by an architect (Laura Silvoy) who got a master’s degree in health systems engineering and helps an architecture firm in the improvement and design of healthcare facilities.


And, we have a business student (Darrin Judkins) who then got a nursing degree and, after years of providing patient care at the bedside, also got into Lean and healthcare improvement.


We all know each other through our involvement in the Society for Health Systems (a part of the Institute of Industrial & Systems Engineers) and the annual Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference. The event is being held February 26 to 28 this year in Savannah, Georgia. I love this event — the learning, the networking, the friends… and I highly recommend it. We’ll chat about that a bit too.


This episode is a little different… but I think you’ll like it.