Lean Blog Interviews — 360: @LeahBinder of @LeapfrogGroup on Coronavirus Prep & #PatientSafety Progress


Returning for Episode #360 of the podcast is Leah Binder, the president and CEO of Leapfrog Group. We last talked four years ago in Episode #240 about the patient safety crisis and efforts to improve. 

Today, we’ll talk about hospitals’ preparation for the Covid-19 / Coronavirus threat. Read her statement on this topic and stay tuned for announcements about free webinars and resources that Leapfrog Group will be providing.

We’ll also discuss safety (and the lack of reporting and data) in the outpatient (ambulatory) surgery setting — where 60% of procedures are done today in the U.S. We’ll also talk about the progress that’s been made in the last four years on the patient safety front, in general. 

Please check out Leapfrog Group and their Hospital Safety Score website. How does your hospital measure up? How do the hospitals in your community compare? What can hospitals be doing to close their gaps so they get an “A”? How can large businesses who pay for healthcare and have their employees’ interest in mind, like manufacturers, help put positive pressure on healthcare to improve?