Lean Blog Interviews — 365: Dan Markovitz, “The Conclusion Trap”

Mark Graban interviews Dan Markovitz about his new book. http://www.leanblog.org/365

Joining me again for Episode #365 is Dan Markovitz, now a five-time guest (but he doesn’t get a special jacket like SNL).

The reason for getting together was to chat about his latest book, “The Conclusion Trap: Four Steps to Better Decisions,” now available from Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats.

Why do people jump to conclusions (or solutions), often looking to “shiny new technology, reorganizations, or spending more money” as Dan asks? Why is it better to spend more time on a good problem statement? What’s the difference between data and facts? When should we ask questions and when is it OK to make suggestions? When is it OK to “just do it” and when do we need to be more rigorous in setting up our experiments?

Dan and I are good friends, so the conversation veers into a breakdown of the show “Bar Rescue” and the problem-solving and leadership methods illustrated there. This is almost an episode of “Lean Whiskey” but there was no whiskey involved.

I hope you enjoy the conversation!