Lean Blog Interviews — 367: Rachel Mandel, MD MHA, on Lean for Physicians and Health Systems



Joining me for Episode #367 of the podcast is Dr. Rachel Mandel, a self-described “healthcare whisperer” and Washington D.C.-based consultant for healthcare organizations. She has her own practice and also works as a Senior Healthcare Advisor for Operational Performance Solutions, Inc.


She is, of course, a physician (OB-GYN) and previously served as the Vice President of Medical Affairs for a health system in Maryland. Read her full bio here.


We recorded this podcast in late February 2020, so much has changed since then. We’ll be doing a follow up podcast next week where we’ll discuss some of the leadership (and organizational) challenges that health systems face now during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Today, we’ll talk about her experiences with Lean and how she is an advocate for this methodology, especially around the important issues of safety and quality.