Lean Blog Interviews — 385: Emily Elrod on What it Means to Work “WISE”

Coach and entrepreneur


My guest for Episode #385 of the podcast is Emily Elrod, the president of the firm Workzbe, based in Georgia.

We have shared interests in Lean, ergonomics, healthcare and creating better workplaces. We met earlier this year and she was kind enough to interview me for her YouTube channel.

As she describes in the episode, her career has evolved from designing equipment, to wellness and Lean in a health system, to her own firm. Her WISE framework means to work Well, Intelligent, Safe, and Empowered.

We’ll talk about the need to be “HOT” (Humble, Open, and Transparent), the psychology of change, and more.

“I think the biggest threat to health promotion is doing things to people instead of with them.” 

Emily Elrod

I hope you enjoy the conversation like I did.