Lean Blog Interviews — 390: Keith Ingels on “Adopting and Adapting” TPS to the Raymond Lean Management System

Manager at Raymond Corporation (part of Toyota)

Show notes, with transcript and more: https://www.leanblog.org/390

My guest for Episode #390 is Keith Ingels, the TPS (Toyota Production System) Manager for Raymond Corporation — Raymond is part of Toyota Material Handling North America, which is part of Toyota Industries.

Wait, so a Toyota company needs a “TPS Manager?” Yes, when that company was acquired by Toyota, which creates a need to “become more like Toyota” instead of just “being Toyota.” What are the differences between TPS and the Raymond Lean Management System, if any, and why does that terminology matter? What is the “adopt and adapt” strategy and why is that so important?

I want to thank Raymond Corp. for making Keith available and for sharing the videos and resources that I’ve linked to below. Also, here is an article that Keith had published recently on shifting to a culture of continuous improvement.