Lean Blog Interviews — 393: Woody Zuill on Mob Programming and the Power of Flow

Speaker, consultant, and coach in the world of software


Joining me for Episode #393 of the podcast is Woody Zuill, who does “Mob Programming workshopstalks and presentations on agile topics,” and “coaches and guides folks interested in creating a wonderful workplace where people can excel in their work, and in their life.”

I had a chance to meet Woody last year when I saw him speak at an Agile conference and I really enjoyed his perspectives. Woody has also participated quite a bit in a “Lean Consultants Stuck at Home” group that I had organized earlier in the pandemic times.

Topics today include “flow” in software development, the difference between “mob programming” and “paired programming,” and the “no estimates movement” and why that is important. I hope you’ll find this interesting even if you don’t work in software.