Lean Blog Interviews — 396: Patrick Adams on “Avoiding the Continuous Appearance Trap”

Consultant, author of a newly-released Lean book

Show notes: https://www.leanblog.org/396

My guest for Episode #396 is Patrick Adams, the author of the new book (released as a paperback today!), titled Avoiding the Continuous Appearance Trap: 12 Questions to Understand What’s Truly Underneath Your Culture. You can learn more about the book at avoidcontinuousappearance.com.


Patrick is CEO / Executive Lean Coach with his firm Patrick Adams Consulting Services and host of the Lean Solutions Podcast (and he had me as his guest last year). Patrick served in the United States Marine Corps for 8 years before he was injured and medically retired. He received his Bachelor of Science from Eastern Michigan University and also holds a Master of Business Administration. He’s also a Six Sigma Black Belt.

In today’s episode, Patrick talks about how he got introduced to Lean and connections to McDonald’s (and the movie “The Founder“). He then talks about his early experiences as a production supervisor in a plastics plant and an auto supplier. We talk about leadership concepts (including servant leadership) that he learned in the military and we learn the story behind the book and why he wrote it.