Lean Blog Interviews — 421: Ryan McCormack on His “Operational Excellence Mixtapes” & More

Links and show notes: https://www.leanblog.org/421

We’ve been on hiatus over the summer here, but I did a live streaming video the other day with my friend Ryan McCormack, who regular readers of this blog will recognize as the creator of the bi-weekly “Operational Excellence Mixtape” emails that he allows me to publish here on the Lean Blog.

He was also my guest for Episode 12 of the “Lean Whiskey” podcast.

In this 30-minute discussion, Ryan and I chat about:

  • Why did you start the “mixtapes”?
  • What are some favorite books and podcasts that you have highlighted recently?
  • What have been the transferrable Lean lessons going into healthcare and now back out into other settings?
  • Best Thing / Worst Thing — What’s the best thing about doing OpEx work? The worst thing?

I hope you enjoy the conversation.

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