Lean Blog Interviews — 442: Crystal Davis on Courageous Leadership and Pandemic Supply Chains

Episode Page: https://www.leanblog.org/442

My guest for Episode #442 of the Lean Blog Interviews Podcast is Crystal Davis, the Founder, CEO & Principal Lean Practitioner at her firm, The Lean Coach, Inc. She was previously a guest in Episode 363 of the series, at the start of the pandemic.

Crystal Davis is an experienced business management consultant with twenty years of experience in the design, development, and implementation of Lean Business System solutions. She has extensive domestic and international expertise in the design and implementation of solutions for automotive and healthcare manufacturing, and consumer packaged industries. 

Her podcast is “Lead Lean with Crystal Y. Davis

Today, we discuss topics and questions including:

  • Reflections back on Covid times, in general?
  • How do we move from crisis mode, to survival mode, to recovery mode?
  • How long was the crisis mode? CPG supply chains — hoarding
  • Why do we need courageous leadership during these challenging times?
  • Courageous to do something everyone else isn’t doing 
  • Eric Dickson – UMass Memorial Health, link to latest episode
  • Principles — Toyota vs GM during this current shutdown
  • Principles and values are scaleable
  • Principles vs. biz decisions
  • Focused on honing in on what it takes for Leaders to make a shift with all of these supply chain challenges?
  • What leadership characteristics are needed?
  • How do you define a “Lean Business System”?
  • People, process, and infrastructure and how that works together
  • Using the Socratic method?
  • People sometimes get annoyed by this?

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