Lean Blog Interviews — 445: Michael Parent on ”The Lean Innovation Cycle” — Human-Centered Design and More

Consultant and author of “The Lean Innovation Cycle”

Episode page: https://leanblog.org/445

My guest for Episode #445 of the Lean Blog Interviews Podcast is Michael Parent. He is the Managing Director of Michael Parent Consulting Services and a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt with AAA Auto Club Group in Michigan.

He has written a new book titled The Lean Innovation Cycle: A Multi-Disciplinary Framework for Designing Value with Lean and Human-Centered Design

Today, we’re going to take a dive deep into topics that augment both the Lean and Human Centered Design frameworks.

Today, we discuss topics and questions including:

  • How about an Operational Definition: What is Human Centered Design?
  • Tools — but more than the tools
  • Design something… empathize with the end user
  • “Transparency is a good thing”
  • Design thinking (prototyping?) vs. human-centered design??
  • Observing people vs. asking them about needs as customers?
  • Converging toward a design?
  • What made you interested in exploring Human Centered Design?
  •  What value does Human Centered Design offer for Lean, Six Sigma, and continuous improvement? Methodology, being an experimentalist
  • Customer journey vs. VSM? Or Customer Journey VSM hybrid?
  • What is the Kano model?

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