Lean Blog Interviews — 81: Rob Bryant, Lean at CSC

Podcast #81 is an interview with Rob Bryant, VP for Quality with CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation). In this podcast, we talk about how CSC, being outside of manufacturing, uses Lean in their business and for their customers. Rob shares some insights on Lean, an outlook for 2010, and finishes our discussion with an inspiring story about how he got into the quality field. You can visit Rob’s website at http://www.robbryant.com/ to learn more about his work and his public speaking appearances and more. As the vice president for quality, Bryant has: * Assisted DynCorp in increasing its revenue from $900M to $2.1B in just four years as a direct report to the President * Led over 100 teams and studies resulting in over $100M in savings/revenue/improvements for all divisions of CSC as a certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt Trainer * Received the Malcolm Baldridge Sr., Examiner for the National MB Award * Served on the “President Bush Business Advisory Council” for two years * Served as an editor for a book called Quality for Dummies and has written several published articles/papers for journals such as Quality Digest, Six Sigma Magazine, and others * Quality Certifications include ISO-9001:2000, TQM, Process Management, ITIL, CMMI, Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Business Excellence, and Malcolm Baldridge For earlier episodes, visit the main Podcast page at www.leanpodcast.org, which includes information on how to subscribe via RSS or via Apple iTunes.