Lean Blog — My New Mistake-Proofing Course for TKMG Academy: Available Now!

This is cross-posted from my Lean Blog Audio podcast series.

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I’m very happy to announce the release of my new ⁠Mistake-Proofing course⁠, available NOW through ⁠Karen Martin⁠ and ⁠TKMG Academy⁠.

You can ⁠buy the course individually at TKMGAcademy.com⁠ for $129. Volume discounts are available for large teams or your entire workforce (for more information, email ⁠info@tkmgacademy.com⁠).

The course is also part of the wonderful ⁠collection of courses⁠ in the all-access ⁠annual subscription⁠. The annual price of $529 goes up significantly at 11:59 pm CDT on May 31st, so act now for the best value pricing.

Other TKMG Academy ⁠instructors⁠ in the series include Karen Martin, ⁠Elisabeth Swan⁠⁠Mike Osterling⁠⁠Tracy O’Rourke⁠⁠Brent Loescher⁠… and more.

And if you ⁠subscribe to TKMG Academy⁠, you can participate in Karen’s “Community of Practice” meeting with me on Wednesday, June 26th.