Lean Blog — Preview of the Future of People at Work Symposium

In this live stream episode, host Mark Graban introduces a panel of experts discussing the upcoming Future of People at Work Symposium.
The event is co-sponsored by nine organizations, including the Lean Enterprise Institute, GBMP Consulting Group, and the Shingo Institute.
Panelists Josh Howell, Bruce Hamilton, and Ken Snyder share their perspectives on the symposium’s goals, emphasizing the need to address the evolving workplace and workforce dynamics. They highlight the importance of focusing on people in the face of technological advancements and the necessity of fostering a collaborative environment to adapt to future challenges.

The panelists provide an overview of the symposium’s structure, which will include interactive sessions focused on workplace evolution, technology integration, and supply chain transformation. Unlike traditional conferences, this event aims for active participation, encouraging attendees to engage in collaborative problem-solving.

The speakers stress the importance of continued dialogue and collaboration within the lean and improvement communities to address the ongoing changes in the work environment. The symposium, set to take place in Detroit on July 18 and 19, 2024, is presented as a crucial step in creating a more meaningful and effective future of work.