Lean for Ops Managers: The Penny Trick to Recognition Habits | 006

Do you feel like you’ve tried every trick in the book to remind yourself to show gratitude to your team? Today I want to share a time when I struggled with building a recognition habit. What happened – What I learned – And how we all can apply that lesson to better lead our teams.

In episode 6 we’re building upon the Beliefs circle of the Transformation Trinity. For at least a decade, I was a manager that brought to life the sentiment: “I do 10 things wrong and never hear a word. I do one thing right and never hear the end of it.”

I’ll share the tricks I tried (and failed) to trigger giving recognition to my team. Although they might be helpful for you, I want you to understand why they didn’t stick. By getting to the root of what my beliefs were about feedback and recognition I was able to change my behaviors.

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