Lean Leadership for Ops Managers — How it Started. How it’s Going | 099

How did it all begin? Since we are getting ready to celebrate our 100th episode, let's look back at how this podcast started a little over two years ago. On the day the podcast launched, I was at a speaking engagement in Evansville, IN, where I live now, and will be for the 100th episode!

In this episode, we are taking a trip down memory lane and sharing the podcast's first three episodes: Episode 1: Respect People vs. Deliver Results, Episode 2: Why is Lean so Hard, and Episode 3: Getting Lean to Stick.

What You'll Learn in This Episode:
Episode 1: Respect People vs. Deliver Results

  • One of the overarching challenges ops leaders face, and why we need to challenge it
  • How to stop looking at things as a dichotomy and open the door to possibilities 
  • How to think and speak about the need to respect people and deliver results
  • A practical example of using an AND approach- in leadership and in life

Episode 2: Why is Lean so hard?

  • A mistake I made early in a Lean transformation, and how it made things more difficult
  • Why we can’t just focus our efforts on improving processes
  • The role beliefs play in creating powerful behaviors and systems
  • A model and practice you can follow to identify gaps that make it more difficult to consistently sustain and improve results

Episode 3: Getting Lean to Stick

  • How we sometimes mis-diagnose what’s causing our execution problems
  • Real-life Lean leadership example of The Transformation Trinity model in action
  • BOLOs and how to overcome potential hurdles and more effectively apply the model to your work
  • Why Lean or operations systems and tools aren’t enough on their own to get Lean to stick

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