Lean Leadership for Ops Managers — Leader Standard Work Tools: Real-World Examples (Part 2) With Robert Olinger and Steve Kane |037

How do you choose a leader standard work template or tool based on your specific needs? 

Robert Olinger and Steve Kane share the challenges they were facing and how they selected the leader standard work tool to meet and address those challenges.

We’ve already had a few episodes that tackle this topic. Back in Episode 29, we had the opportunity to talk with Mike Wroblewski where he provided a framing that you need to think about this interesting topic we are going to discuss today.

The first part of this series started in episode 36 where I explained about the card systems or Kamishibai while our guest Kara Cuzzetto shared the tool she made.

In today’s episode, we will continue the 2nd part of this topic with two more examples from the real world. 

What You’ll Learn from this Episode

  • How to use leader standard work tools and templates to build a habit of activities that you need to overcome challenges
  • How Robert’s approach to gemba walks changed through his implementation of leader standard work
  • Why Steve uses a leader standard work system that isn’t his preferred system, and what that means when you’re selecting a template or tool for your work
  • How leader standard work drives discipline, creating more effectiveness

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