Lean Whiskey: 12: Canadian Whiskey, the Ups & Downs of Healthcare, and a CEO Thrown Under the Bus


In Episode 12 of Lean Whiskey, Mark Graban is back and he’s joined by a friend from the Lean healthcare world, Ryan McCormack. Jamie will be with Mark for our next episode. You might know Ryan as the creator of the awesome “Operational Excellence Mixtapes” that he sends out via email and he also allows to be posted here on the blog.

Ryan, like Mark, started his career in manufacturing and then transitioned to healthcare. After working for a hospital in Winnipeg, Ryan is now OpEx manager for an insurance company. The guys first met through Mark’s visits to Winnipeg through the Catalysis Healthcare Value Network and they’ve shared many a conversation, a whiskey, and laughs at the Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit and other events.

In the episode, they share and chat about Canadian whiskey. They discuss two news articles — one about E.D. waiting times (and the need for Process Behavior Charts) and another about an Ontario hospital CEO’s “gemba time” that ended up getting her criticized by employees and in the press. They also share some “Lean pet peeves” and a funny story or two from Ryan’s career.