Lean Whiskey: 15: Shelter-in-Place & Drink Local Live Episode

Mark Graban & Jamie Flinchbaugh

View the episode at http://www.leanblog.org/whiskey15

In a special live-to-YouTube Episode 15 of Lean Whiskey, Mark Graban and Jamie Flinchbaugh begin their week by catching up, drinking whiskey, and talking shop.

This episode was an experiment both in video recording the episode and in streaming it live to get viewer participation and questions. We didn’t have a large audience, but those who showed up shared what they were drinking and asked some great questions. 

We used shelter-in-place as our whiskey selections, with Mark in Florida and Jamie in Pennsylvania, we chose local to drink tonight and enjoyed them both. Both selections prove that not all good American whiskey comes from Kentucky.

We discussed questions ranging from whether we are looking at the right metrics during coronavirus, to what lean resources should be doing right now, and more. And if you stay around until the end, you get to hear about LEGO Masters competitions and attacking garbage cans!