Lean Whiskey: 17: Show Firsts: 3 People, 2 Pours, 3 Keynotes

Mark Graban, Jamie Flinchbaugh, Jim Huntzinger


In Episode 17, after not doing an episode of Lean Whiskey in almost two months, Mark Graban and Jamie Flinchbaugh try all sorts of firsts. We had three people, with Jim Huntzinger of Lean Frontiers joining us. We all drank the same whiskey. We used two different whiskies. We talked about 3 different keynotes. OK, so they aren’t groundbreaking firsts, but it was new for our show. 

Jim Huntzinger joined us after an aborted attempt in March for Jamie to do an in-person episode during a planned visit to Lean Frontiers headquarters. We had planned on sampling some of David Meier’s whiskey. Since that didn’t happen, we decided to invite Jim to join Mark and Jamie and sample the same whiskey. Fortunately, Mark and Jamie had the same bottles at home. We all shared and enjoyed Glenns Creek Distillery’s Cuervito Vivo and Cafe Ole. 

We talked about a range of lean topics. TWI, or Training Within Industry, came up in a discussion about Delta’s approach to asking passengers to wear masks. We talked about Lean Frontier’s upcoming virtual workshops and some featured keynotes. Lean Coaching Summit features Deondra Wardelle who has coached others in professional groups ranging from schools to churches using kata and helped them to success. Watch for Deondra to take over Mark’s blog for a week in August. We explored Jim’s own mini-keynote on Advanced Lean, and how the arc of lean learning often brings you back to the fundamentals, just applied in a more rigorous way. And we finally return to David Meier and his forthcoming work on applying standardization where there appear to be none. 

We finish the episode sharing a bit of our different office experiences and improvements while working from home. We hope you enjoy the episode, and we toast all of you on your lean learning journey. Cheers!



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