Lean Whiskey — 25: Peaty Scotch, Working from Home, and Misunderstood Lean Phrases with Jim Benson

In Episode 25, Jamie Flinchbaugh and Mark Graban welcome a guest to our show, with Jim Benson joining us. Jim has been a long-time collaborator of Mark’s, and certainly enjoys a dram or two of whiskey. We begin by getting the backstory on Jim’s Twitter handle @OurFounder, complete with artwork. 

Show notes: https://www.leanwhiskey.com/whiskey25

Since it’s still winter, and Jamie continues to spend more time driving his snowblower than his car, we thought “something peaty” felt fitting. We all selected something peaty from our scotch collection, from Highland Park to Samaroli to Lagavulin, and we learned about Jim’s favorite whisky shop in the UK. We discuss the continued extension of work-from-home practices, and both the need and opportunity to make it effective for each individual. This includes everything from ergonomics to managing your attention span, with a little detour into the Pomodoro technique. 

We explored lean phrases that are commonly used but often misunderstood, including “lean project”, “kaizen”, and “respect for people.” The three of us fall dangerously close to “cranky old lean guy” territory, but pull ourselves out just in time for our fun closing question of something we watched recently that was disappointing, ranging from Wonder Woman 1984 to The Muppet Show to baking shows. 

May you enjoy your whiskey, and your work, in peace and health. Cheers! 

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