Lean Whiskey: 3: Kentucky Ryes, Surgical Behavior, Lean & Robots, Pet Peeves


This is “take 3” for this episode. The original file had an editing error… it wasn’t because of whiskey. I’m just sloppy sometimes. Then, there was some glitch that I can’t figure out. If there are audio glitches, please email mark@markgraban.com. Sorry and thanks…

The first guest host joining me is my friend Chris Burnham. Chris is also an experienced Lean practitioner and leader, and we’ve talked about Lean over whiskey in person (at last year’s KaiNexus User Conference).

We chat about what we’re sipping (Kentucky rye whiskeys), discuss two articles from the news, and we answer a listener question. We also added a short segment called “Lean Pet Peeves.” Jamie will be back next episode.