Lean Whiskey: 8: Lean Gin! And “Chummy Lean Chat” with Cristal Totterman


We have a new guest host for Episode #8 of Lean Whiskey. I’m joined by my friend and colleague Cristal Totterman and we’re drinking gin today on her recommendation… so this is “Lean Gin.”

 We’re also enjoying what Cristal calls “chummy Lean chat” — something we’ve enjoyed at conferences and when working together at her hospital a few years back.

 Other than chatting about gin and tonic, we discuss two articles — one about PDCA and one about robotic tails. Yes, we manage to connect that latter article to Lean. We share some Lean pet peeves, even though the issues are more significant than peeves. Oh, and we share the funniest thing that’s happened to us in the course of process improvement, although you can be the judge about how funny those stories are.