My Favorite Mistake — 102: C-Level Execs Rolly Keenan and Mike Geller Both Learned From Mistakes

Chief Revenue Officer and Chief Technology Officer at Tegrita


My guests for Episode #102 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast are two C-level executives from Tegrita, a marketing technology, strategy, and consulting firm based in Toronto. They are Rolly Keenan (Chief Revenue Officer) and Mike Geller (Chief Technology Officer) and they’retwo of the three authors of the book CMO to CRO: The Revenue Takeover by the Next Generation Executive.

In today’s episode, Rolly and Mike share their own separate “favorite mistake stories” from the consulting realm — related to Mike giving time away for free and how quitting a job helped Rolly be more authentic. We also chat about their book, their firm, “marketing automation,” and some mistakes that people make in that endeavor.

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