My Favorite Mistake — 103: Dr. Cheryl Lentz: Running From the Failure of Trying to be a Top-Level Organist

Author, speaker, professor

Show notes:

My guest for Episode #103 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Dr. Cheryl Lentz, “The Academic Entrepreneur.” She is a keynote speaker, faculty at five universities, publisher at The Lentz Leadership Institute

She is the author of the book Failure Has No Alibi: Learning From the Lessons Failure Teaches. She had a podcast (still available for listening) called “Fail Faster, Succeed Sooner.” You can also watch her TEDx talk on the subject of failure.

In today’s episode, Dr. Cheryl tells her “favorite mistake” story about not being allowed to continue as an organ performance major in college. Why did she “run from that failure” to the point of abandoning music altogether? What would she have done differently and how does she help people “process failure”? What happens when we fail? Is failure an “f word”?

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