My Favorite Mistake — 104: Fred Moore Learned to Make Himself Irreplaceable in His Job as a Magician

Corporate magician, speaker, emcee, and more

Show notes and links:

My guest for Episode #104 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Fred Moore, who has been a professional speaker and entertainer for the past 25 years, including roles as a corporate magician, event emcee, and more. Fred has done over 6,000 performances and presentations in 30 countries.

In today’s episode, Fred shares his “favorite mistake” story about putting himself in a position where he was “replaceable” at work. We’ll hear about how he was fired from the beginning of a 9-month performing contract. What did Fred learn from this, for his own benefit and to help others learn from his experience?

We talk about that and other topics including:

  • Mistakes that happen as a stage performer?
  • Things that REALLY throw you off?
  • “How can I use my enemies and failure?”
  • Virtual engagements —Pivots, mistakes, lessons?
  • Certified Virtual Presenter?
  • How did you get into magic?
  • Fred’s key lessons:
  • Be irreplaceable, not a commodity
    Nobody cares more about you than you
    Wallowing in misery isn’t that productive
  • Haven’t failed if you learned something (videos)

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