My Favorite Mistake — 109: Business Coach Karie Kaufmann on the Illusion of Balance

My guest for Episode #109 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Karie Kaufmann, a “business coach who gets results.” Since 2005, Karie has helped over 1000 business owners and executives achieve their goals and take their business to the next level.

Coach Karie lives what she teaches by putting family first, based on her philosophy that:

“being in business should give you more life, not suck the life out of you.”

She uses that phrase in the episode today, and I love it.

In today’s episode, Karie shares her “favorite mistake” story about a “mistake of omission,” of having an “illusion of balance” and not having enough time or capacity to help a friend in need.

We talk about that and other topics including:

  • What let to that realization, over time, that it was a mistake?
  • What was the adjustment?
  • The book Slack on needing buffer time
  • Is it time to retire the ‘lack of time’ excuse?
  • Why don’t more people brag about effectiveness instead of busyness?
  • “Collect experiencesand learn from them”
  • “You either win or you learn”
  • Has she had to work at work/life balance?

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