My Favorite Mistake — 114: Getting Burned Out and Separating From His Wife: What Carlos Hidalgo Learned and How He Adjusted

Show Notes:

My guest for Episode #114 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Carlos Hidalgo, an author, International & TEDx Speaker, marketer, consultant, coach, and advisor.

Carlos is a co-host of The Life Design Podcast (with his wife Susanne) and is the author of the book Book: The UnAmerican Dream: Finding Personal and Professional Happiness Establishing Work-Life Boundaries.

In today’s episode, Carlos shares his “favorite mistake” story about getting off track and burned out, professionally and personally, by putting his identity and purpose into his profession.

We talk about that and other topics including:

  • My mention of a previous episode #31 Greg Jacobson – cohabitating with your spouse
  • What happens when business doesn’t go well?
  • 2015: came to a head, was burned out… relationship struggles, then separation
  • Hustle culture… can be problematic (“garbage”)
  • LinkedIn – “it’s OK to not have a work/life balance
  • What do you mean by “Designing Your Life”? Podcast?
  • Allowing life to just happen? Or designing it?

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