My Favorite Mistake — 115: Money Mistakes With Currencies or International Transfers: Kelly Cutchin

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My guest for Episode #115 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Kelly Cutchin, the Country Manager at Moneycorp, a global currency exchange leader and she has helped many Americans make overseas investments. She has over a decade of experience in the foreign exchange industry. She joined Moneycorp in 2006 as the first American employee.

In today’s episode, Kelly shares her “favorite mistake” story from working at a restaurant as a teenager, and how that story came when her CEO asked people around the table about a mistake they made (his was an expensive mistake involving M&Ms production). Kelly learned that we all make mistakes and it’s OK to not have the answer to every question. She’s also learned about the mistakes people make related to international business or real estate transactions.

We talk about that and other topics including:

  • CEO asked “what’s your biggest mistake” around an event table
  • Mistakes people make investing overseas?
  • Corporate mistakes with transferring money overseas?
  • Mistakes people planning to retire overseas?
  • Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies?
  • Undoing people’s mistakes?

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