My Favorite Mistake — 116: Musician & CEO Steve Gerein Thought it Would Be Easy to Get His Band on the Radio

My guest for Episode #116 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Steve Gerein, a musician and entrepreneur.

Show notes:

He was previously the lead singer of the country band Aces Wyldand he is now the founder and CEO of SongShop, a platform that connects artists with independent songwriters, so they can turn their catalogs into profit via licensing opportunities.

In today’s episode, Steve talks about how he thought it would be “sort of easy” to make it as a band, eight or nine years ago in Canada (where he still lives). We talk about that and how he started a company that utilizes his domain knowledge.

We talk about other topics including:

  • A band is like a startup?
  • It’s not happening — but why?
  • What tweaks can you make to the band?
  • Making music vs. the business of music
  • What are some of the opportunities to improve the model around buying or selling songs as a musician?
  • The average song that’s written earns just $43 — why is that, how does SongShop help?
  • Tools you can use when doubt and fear step in, and how to overcome them both in your professional and personal life?
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    Dr. Kelly Henry

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