My Favorite Mistake — 118: A Near-Death Experience Was a Wakeup Call for Marketer-Turned-Coach Matthew Korban has show notes, links, and more.

My guest for Episode #118 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Matthew Korban, a Certified Health Coach, Executive Life Coach, and Motivational Speaker. Born in Beirut, but based in Ohio now, he is also a 5-time black belt martial artist who practices meditation and Yoga daily.

In today’s episode, Matthew shares his “favorite mistake” story, the “first 40 years” of his life, as he put it, and how a surgical procedure was a “wake up call” and his “near-death experience” shifted him into significant weight loss (over 200 pounds) and a new career direction.

We talk about that story and other topics including:

  • Why was he working 15-16 hours a day? Status, money, attention
  • Is it tough marketing balance and a healthier lifestyle??
  • Cannot use some marketing tactics with people
  • Have to prioritize — we cannot have it all
  • Developing better habits? Make Positive Habit Changes
  • Giving away a free 50-minute coaching session

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