My Favorite Mistake — 123: CEO Super Julie Braun Didn’t Have a Plan When She Quit a Job

Show notes:

My guest for Episode #123 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Super Julie Braun, founder and CEO of “Super Purposes” — a career coaching and advisement program built for the 21st century and today’s job market.Her company helps people (more than 16,000 people!) get the career and salary they deserve regardless of their challenges.They work with Veterans, stay-at-home parents, immigrants, folks from the LGBTQIA community, and people with addictions or alcoholism, formerly incarcerated, people with disabilities and more.

Earlier in her career, SJ quickly rose in corporate jobs leading creative teams for Victoria’s Secret, MTV, Nike, Estee Lauder, and Carters Childrenswear.She lists her passions as Animals, the environment, living the digital nomad lifestyle, minimalism, Sudoku, sobriety, and cupcakes — in no particular order?

In today’s episode, SJ shares his “favorite mistake” story about quitting a job “in a huff’ and not having a plan. Why was she burned out? Why did she think she would fail as a marketing consultant?

We talk about that story and other topics including:

  • Easier to find a job these days? Finding the right job?
  • In an era of employee shortages, why do companies need to expand the pool from which they recruit and hire? Incarcerated people…
  • Human Resources or Humane Resources?
  • People who are formerly incarcerated… my next two guests both served prison time for fraud and white collar crimes, so there’s a bit of a theme this month…
  • Tell us about particular challenges for Trans and Non Gender Conforming applicants and programs you have for them?
  • Programs for military spouses who are moving a lot?
  • In your coaching, what do you say to people about mistakes in their job search… in interviewing?
  • The stages of mistake grief??

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