My Favorite Mistake — 124: CEO Brent Cassity Trusted His Dad and Ended Up in Prison for Fraud and Conspiracy

Show notes:

My guest for Episode #124 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Brent Cassity, author of the new book Nightmare Success: Loyalty, Betrayal, Life Behind Bars, Adapting, and Finally Breaking Free: A Memoir.

Brent also has a podcast – “Nightmare Success In and Out,” which explores the stories of inmates who were in and now out of prison.

Brent was a CEO of a national company, Forever Enterprises, that was recognized in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, TIME, FORTUNE, to name a few. HBO did a documentary on their company titled “The Young and the Dead” that spawned the dramatic series “Six Feet Under” – a highly acclaimed series that I really enjoyed.

As it says in his bio, Brent “had it all and lost it all…” as what happened led to Brent and his family’s story (and the story of their company NationalPrearrangedServicesInc. (NPS) — being an episode of CNBC’s “American Greed” documentary series.

In today’s episode, Brent tells his “favorite mistake” story about how trusting his dad, who had already been convicted for fraud, led to him getting into a lot of hot water with the feds… with many lessons learned in the process that he’s kind enough to share with us today.

We talk about that story and other topics including:

  • Was your dad forthcoming about that first conviction?
  • Was the CNBC story that accurate?
  • Crimes and intent vs mistakes??
  • What the five rules that helped you survive prison that can be used in everyday life?
  • What happens when your worst fear becomes your reality? Nothing is ever as bad as your mind makes it out to be.
  • What has your life been like since you got out of prison?

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