My Favorite Mistake — 129: Retired USAF Officer Mark Noon Thought Career Transitions Would Be Easy

Show notes, video, transcript, and more:

My guest for Episode #129 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Mark Noon. He is a professional speaker, executive coach, and developer of leaders at his company, Leadership10.

Mark is a retired USAF clinical laboratory manager and was in that role for more than ten years out of a total 20+ years of service. He is the author of the book Set Up: Timeless Leadership Skills for Your Success.

In today’s episode, Mark tells his “favorite mistake” story about thinking that career transitions would be easy. Why did Mark go into “panic mode” after six months, and how did he adjust his approach?

We talk about that story and other topics including:

  • Positional authority vs being authoritative
  • Command and Control leadership?
  • New transition – forming his own company
  • Looked back for previous lessons learned from past transition?
  • Blog post: 10 Reasons Why We Decided on the name LEADERSHIPTEN
  • Is it a mistake for healthcare organizations to ask too much for “10 ratings from patients?
  • Building upon struggles to be a better
  • Coaching to avoid mistakes or focus on learning from them??
  • Telling what to do versus helping them see it

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