My Favorite Mistake — 130: Vicki Moore Gave Away Her Business and Found Moving to Europe Was Harder Than Expected

Show notes, video, and more:

My guest for Episode #130 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Vicki Moore, joining us from Frankfurt, Germany.

Vicki is an entrepreneur,author, and coach,whose passion is finding ways to help people achieve big goals. She spent most of her career in corporate training and development, working with Fortune500 clients. She founded a successful training agency in Los Angeles, which she ran for more than 10 years, before pursuing her dream of moving to Europe in2015. She now lives in Germany and helps both teams and individuals confidently create their own path to success.

She’s the author of the Book: Life Beyond Should: Overcome Expectations & Create the Life You Want. Enter to win a signed copy by using the entry form further down on this page.

In today’s episode, Vicki tells her “favorite mistake” story about getting divorced and giving away the business she had spent ten years building. How did this mistake lead to a better situation that she “couldn’t have done otherwise”? Why was moving to Europe more difficult than Vicki expected and what did she learn from that?

We talk about that story and other topics including:

  • Moving to Europe, hadn’t factored in culture, biz culture, network, language… — a mistake to assume that
  • Tell us about the coaching work that you do… who do you work with? And where?
  • Do you help coach people through mistakes?
  • Overcoming expectations of what others think our life should look like
  • Best thing / worst thing about moving there?
  • Expectations – can be good or unfair expectations?

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