My Favorite Mistake — 148: Montessori School Founder Brigitta Hoeferle Was “Cocky in Telling People How to Do Things”

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My guest for Episode #148 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Brigitta Hoeferle, a speaker, master trainer, and certified coach.

She’s the Owner of two educational institutions, founder of one for children and one for adults that she purchased, the Center of NLP.

As she says, she’s “German by birth, American by choice, educator by trade, a speaker & trainer by design, CEO by passion. And Brigitta’s an executive board member of The International Coaching Federation.

Check out her free PDF download on the “laws of success.”

In today’s episode, Brigitta shares her “favorite mistake” story about “being cocky in telling people how to do things.” Why was she trying to do things “the German way” in the United States? What did she learn from these mistakes? Why does she view mistakes as learning opportunities?

We also talk about questions and topics including:

  • What is Montessori education and why is that so important to you?
  • Teaching vs. running a school? Was a success in Germany…
  • Difficult to get students in TN?
  • What were some of the specific mistakes?
  • What feedback did you get? Was it constructive feedback?
  • Doer (US) vs. planner (German) mindsets
  • “There is no failure only feedback” – example of a “re-frame”
  • Viewing mistakes as learning opportunities
  • What is NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming?
  • What is “programming”? What does that word really mean?
  • Is programming the result of our reaction to other people’s actions?
  • Re-framing from victim (as a picked-on overweight teen)
  • Why do we need to “Listen to Relate, not to Respond”?
  • Re-framing — too many employees quitting, “people don’t want to work anymore” — or a different framing of “you’re not paying well enough, etc.”??

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